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    July 1, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Growing Between The Cracks

    Photo from Glamorous Affordable Life

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    June 23, 2015
    How To Re-Plant Succulents

    It takes a lot to kill a succulent. That’s why they’re perfect gardening projects for first timers or even kids. However, they do still require some measure of care. When transplanting them, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to avoid damaging them. Check out these tips by Lindsey at Hello Hydrangea before re-potting your succulents:

    -Buy green succulents if they are going to live indoors. The other colors need more heat and light.

    -Replant the buds- The rose shaped succulents often come with tiny buds growing at their base. These sweet little babies are easy to pull off and will survive if you stick their orange stems into some dirt. Guess what? Free succulents! 

    -Break up the roots and spread them out before moving them to another pot

    -Mix dirt and sand together

    Photo Credit: Phil Hearing

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    June 19, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Ideas For A Small Garden

    Great tips for people trying to maintain a garden from an apartment or other urban setting.

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    June 18, 2015
    Building A Pergola For Your Yard

    Pergolas can do wonders for your backyard aesthetic. They provide shelter, give a defined space for lawn furniture, and can help keep you cool in hot summer months. Not to mention, they look especially striking with vines, flowers, or other foliage growing up them. If you are interested in building a pergola in your yard, check out this DIY project by Charlene at My Frugal Adventures. She has outlined her budget and every step she took to build her own:

    -We spent roughly $400 on materials and it took about 2 days.

    -At least $100 of the budget was sun shades so if you don’t need those, your project will be cheaper.

    -This project is one of those that seems more complicated or difficult then it really is and doesn’t require tons of fancy tools or special skills.

    Check out the full tutorial with photos here!

    Photo Credit: Field Outdoor Spaces

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    June 16, 2015
    Beginner Veggie Growing Tips

    This year, I have been absolutely inundated with fresh veggies. My crisper drawer in my fridge is full of cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes brought to me by family and friends. It’s pretty great- nothing can beat a juicy tomato slice in the middle of summer. If you want to grow your own veggies, read this post by Lisa Leake at 100 Days Of Real Food. She has lots of tips that she learned from her first year growing her own food:

    -Take notes so you remember what to change next year

    -Use fertilizer to make sure your plants don’t flop!

    -Plan carefully and come up with a layout that makes sense.

    -Don’t be afraid to grow from seed!

    Photo Credit: Amy G 

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    June 10, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Hammock Over The Lake

    Photo from Design Boom

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    June 9, 2015
    Adding Moss To Your Garden

    I’ve recently gotten into creating fairy gardens, with varying degrees of success. To make a fairy garden at all, you need to be able to grow moss. Lots of moss. And most of my moss is slowly turning yellow, which is not very magical at all. So, if you are struggling with your own fairy garden, or are thinking about adding moss to your garden, read this post by Moss and Stone Gardens for tips:

    -Arpocarps: scoop up after a rainfall. Slide a flat blade or spatula under to collect it, along with a thin layer of soil. Water frequently to help with re-establishing it in a new area.

    -Pleurocarps: can be collected by scraping, scooping, or raking, which will allow you to collect moss without the added weight of the soil.

    Photo Credit: Roberto Verzo 

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    June 4, 2015
    Best House Plants

    And when I say “best,” I mean “hardest to kill”. It’s been proven that growing plants indoors does wonders for your creativity and mental health, not to mention the fact that they provide your home with fresh air. Want all the benefits without the hassle of dealing with high maintenance plants? Check out this post by Lauren Conrad for the easiest plants to grow indoors:

    -Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree- grows quickly and becomes a tall tree, but is poisonous to pets!

    -Succulents- thrive in sunlight, and need little to no water

    -Snake plants- keep the soil dry most of the time.

    -Cacti- love sunlight, and don’t need to be watered often.

    -Aloe vera- needs lots of sun, but not lots of water.

    Photo Credit: Davecito 

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    May 28, 2015
    Landscaping For Beginners

    Sometimes, getting into landscaping can literally seem like moving mountains, especially if you have no idea where to begin. However, getting into landscaping doesn’t have to be a huge hurdle. All it takes is a little bit of planning! Check out this post by Midwest Living for some landscaping tips for people trying to design their yard: hello, curb appeal!

    -Start with the big stuff- use trees, shrubs, gazebos, etc. as focal points.

    -Include your house in your plan!

    -Study your space, choose plants adapted to your yard’s conditions and your area’s hardiness Zone.

    -Shop around and check various prices to save money

    -Add lights to your yard

    -Create paths through your garden.

    Photo Credit: David K. 

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    May 27, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Garden Pallet Walkway

    Photo from Fabulous Home Blog

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